Q3i Voice Controlled Headset

Product: Q3i Voice Controlled Headset
Code: Q3i-BK
Price: AUD$129.95

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Q3i Voice Controlled Headset



With today's average phone size pushing 5-6 inches it become challenging to hold your phone up to your ear for extended periods. By using the Q3i you can keep your hands free for calls, even when your phone is in your pocket or carry on typing an email or browsing without having to stop what you are doing when a call comes in.

Talk All Day in HD

The Q3i features the very best Rich HD Voice / Wideband Audio technology to ensure your conversations are crystal clear on both sides of the call for up to 8 hours*.

Wind Armour 3.0

The 6th generation Voice Control and DSP provides the absolute finest echo cancellation and noise reduction available today. This has been coupled with the 3rd generation Wind Armour shielding to deliver unsurpassed clarity in even the most challenging and punishing environments.

The Q3i's comprehensive command set allows you to pair, configure, control your device, as well as make and receive calls. All using your voice.

When the phone rings, responding is as simple as saying the words "Answer" or "Ignore". To make a call you simply say "Phone Commands" and the Q3i will activate your phone's voice dialing feature.*

The Q3i even provides help and support along the way. It talks you through the pairing process to get you started, and if you forget the voice commands you can just ask, "What Can I Say?" to hear your options.

Package Contents: Q3i Voice Controlled Headset BT4.0, Ergonomic ear hook, Small ear gels, Large ear gels, USB cable, User Manual

* If supported by your phone and network