Oreillette intelligente Q2

GeekBeat TV

Cali Lewis

If you're looking for a very comfortable Bluetooth headset with great sound quality, you might want to consider the BlueAnt Q2.

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Kick Reviews

The BlueAnt Q2 Bluetooth headset looks like an executive styled headset. It looks stylish because of the matte black finish, raised edges and front black panel.

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CrackBerry Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts For The BlackBerry Dad

To make sure both hands are free to work, drive or even play, Dads need to have a reliable Bluetooth headset. The BlueAnt Q2 provides almost every reason available to have use of all 10 digits.

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The BlueAnt Q2 is one of the only devices here that doesn't advertise "HD Voice", which is funny, because it handily beats virtually all of them in audio quality.

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Mario Armstrong

I want people to really think about voice activation to be truly handsfree. This is a great feature from BlueAnt.

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Nicole Lee

The BlueAnt Q2 is yet another BlueAnt winner, with fantastic call quality even in windy conditions.

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PC Mag

Jamie Lendino

BlueAnt delivers a winner with the Q2, a superb sounding Bluetooth headset with accurate voice control and a comfortable fit.

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Men's Journal

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Dallas News

Jim Rossman

Sound quality was as good as I've experienced in a headset, and wind-noise reduction was outstanding.

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Detroit Free Press

Mark W. Smith

This sleek Bluetooth headset announces the caller's name when you get an incoming call so you don't have to pick up your phone to know who is calling.

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PC Today

Tom Nelson and Mary O'Connor

The BlueAnt Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset can pick up and isolate your voice from even the noisiest backgrounds.

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This Bluetooth earpiece features integrated text-to-speech technology.

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Slash Gear

Shane McGlaun

BlueAnt unveils new Q2 Platinum Bluetooth headset.

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Mobile Burn

Todd Haselton

BlueAnt Wireless launches Q2 Platinum Bluetooth headset.

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The Rugged

Harry C. Marks

This is a very capable device designed to make life easier (and safer) and after spending a significant amount of time with it, I can without a doubt say that it certainly does.

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BCC Hardware

Benjamin Heide

I really like the design changes on the Q2 and am still a big fan of the voice control software.

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Remember the Q1 Bluetooth headset from last year? Popular for its ease of use (and its pretty looks), the Q1 was a hit. Now BlueAnt Wireless has introduced the Q2, featuring the industry's first integrated Text-to-Speech feature...

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Barbara Krasnoff

The BlueAnt Q2 lets you do it all by voice.

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Darren Murph

It's not guaranteed to make you any smarter, but having such an intelligent little bird upside your ear may at least give you a minor boost in confidence. A full 1.5 years after the original Q1 made its debut, BlueAnt is introducing its Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset.

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The Game Grader

Jimmy Smith

Amazing mic and sound quality.

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Gear Log

Alan Henry

BlueAnt Wireless' Q2 Bluetooth Headset does more than just relay voice. The headset, released yesterday, is more of a peripheral for your mobile phone that accepts voice commands, places calls for you, alerts you to SMS messages and reads them aloud for you (with the help of a companion BlackBerry or Android app), and even announces the name of an incoming caller so you don't have to look at your device.

The Q2 doesn't skimp on audio quality to bring you all of these features.

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Mobile Magazine

Nathan Richardson

BlueAnt's new Q2 bluetooth wireless headset may not be as crystal clear as having a person next to you, but it's claiming to be the closest out there. 1.5 years after the Q1 was released, BlueAnt has revealed the new Q2, and if it all works out as they have planned, the wait will well worth it

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Mobile Tech Review

Pete Renda

Smaller and sleeker, the new Blueant Q2 has a beautiful design as well as vastly improved features.

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BlueAnt Wireless had earlier introduced the BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth headset to enhance user experience while on the go. Now, the company has come up with yet another innovative Bluetooth headset namely, the BlueAnt Q2.

This next-generation product augments the audio quality and promises to deliver the best sound performance experienced on any headset.

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San Diego Source

Phil Baker

The Q2 is BlueAnt's best headset ever and the most feature laden of anything on the market.

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Matthew Miller

Bluetooth headsets are becoming a necessity as laws around the country continue to roll out to stop phone calls made by holding your phone. BlueAnt rolled out their latest headset with an improved design and some cool new features.

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Into Mobile


BlueAnts Q2 Platinum Bluetooth headset rocks superb audio quality, wind noise resistance.

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Geeky Gadgets

Julian Horsey

BlueAnt has just added a new headset to their range of wireless Bluetooth products, named the BlueAnt Q2.

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Alicia Erlich

My favorite feature has to be its caller-id ability. It uses Text to Speech (TTS) technology to announce who's calling (name or number) without ever having to pick up your device.

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Joelle Alcaidinho

The range of the headset is fantastic making it perfect for those who take calls and do not have their phone in their pocket. We love how far we are able to leave the phone and still maintain clear calls.

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